About Us

About us

After spending two years planning my wedding I was wondering what to do with my spare time. I needed something to do as I was in between being married and wanting to start planning for a family, so I decided to make a forum based on everyday life. When members from our sister site Wedding Central started to join, I realised that there were others like myself who were also in between forums.

The forum has entered into its fourth year online and our members are what make the site what it is today, a fun and supportive place where real friendships emerge. We now have over 375 members and the number is growing everyday. We have members from all over Australia, from Japan & Ireland and even unmarried women so everyone is welcome. We have fantastic support from our members and our staff are very dedicated in making your time at AYW fun and enjoyable.

Thanks to the site’s success we have now joined alongside Wedding Central & Maternal to bring diversity into the mix. If you feel that you are over the wedding planning but not quite ready to solely base your time on starting a family then join our online community, we’d love to meet you.

- Julia