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Here are some of our members’ thoughts about AYW in their own words:


AYW is a friendly online community where members help each other through the good times and the bad. It is a place where you can make great friendships, air grievances, have some fun and discuss current affairs. Without AYW my spare time would be very bare.

~ Penny (unkoof)


I would like to thank every member of this wonderful forum who has welcomed me, befriended me and even cared for me. It is a truly unique place where judgement is left at the door, but is full of intelligent, strong women who truly care about others and always have their hearts, their ears and their minds open. I feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful place!

~ Angela (Aceahearts)


All the best of the daily conversation you have with your girlfriends in real life.

Whether you need advice about your inlaws, tips on where to buy the best handbags and shoes, where you can find that very specific nail polish colour, a recommendation about a great book or a better understanding of news and political events, AYW is the source of all knowledge.

~ Lynn (Lineke)


I got married at 39 years of age and all of a sudden found myself with a new husband, a new home, a new town (of only 1,000 people), a new job, basically a whole new life. It was a big change to me all at the same time. And I had times of immense loneliness. I love my husband dearly, but I missed my family, my friends, my old city, my old job. And I found AYW was a lifeline for me. There’s always someone to have a chat or a coffee with. It’s a place of friendships, and connection, and laughs, and tears, and it has been a joy being part of this community and I never want to leave.

~ Carol (Sapphire_aus)


What a wonderful place this is - to be able to share my lives with my online friends, and develop some friendships along the way!

~ Cheng (C)


Living outside of Australia, in a non-English speaking country, has meant some lonely and bewildering times. I always know that I can come to AYW and get some warm and caring support. AYW provides a place where I can bounce around ideas, get advice, have a laugh, share both good news and bad, have a chat or just touch base with some wonderful, intelligent, non-judgemental women (and a couple of men!!). I’ve developed some great on-line friendships, some of which have developed into real-life friendships. Without the wonderful people on AYW my life would certainly be less rich.

~ Andrea (hi_andrea)

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